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3D Forest House Full LWP

2.2 usd

In the disquiet of our daily urban life, a glimpse of a little house situated in an enlightened forest can help us to get some inner peace. And maybe it will let us think on a better option for our future. How wonderful (or strange?) can be to sleep separated just by a wall from a mysterious but friendly forest... have you ever thought about such an unexpected way of life? If yes, this wallpaper can be a real gift for you. Enjoy it!Please, note:
* If the application runs slow on your device, disable the particles, God Rays and bloom effects. Lower the general quality setting. *
This version includes:
- All the times of day: dawn, day, sunset and night- Smooth transition between the times of day- Rain weather effect- Wind weather effect- Snow weather effect- Parallax effect- Full dynamic scene: moving grass, moving trees- Scene interactions- Interactive trees- Interactive ground- Interactive night lights- Stunning graphics- Particles for different times of day- Particles that interact with weather conditions- Fireflies during night- Interactive firefly- God Rays effect- Bloom effect- Relaxing sounds- Camera auto-scroll- Many optimization options
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